Warnings About New Hackers on Facebook-Fiction!

Warnings About New Hackers on Facebook-Fiction!
Summary of eRumor:
Many social media users have been warned about new hackers on Facebook who are sending insulting or aggressive messages from their victims’ hacked Facebook accounts.
The Truth:
This warning about new hackers on Facebook is unfounded.
The new hackers on Facebook warning has been circulating for years. It first went viral in 2012 and has periodically resurfaced. The message reads:

warning everybody: new hackers on facebook and what they write is aggression from you and it’s insulting. it’s really nasty and it appears to come from you. you do not see it, but your friends do. one result of this can be that you will be deleted on your friends list. i just want to say, if you get something that is offensive, malicious, vulgar, etc., it is absolutely not from me! copy this and let your friends know. if you get anything like this from me, please tell me and report it immediately to facebook. apparently it can come in messages too. please do not share! “copy and paste ** i’m pasting it in the comments also so you can copy. *

Security is always a concern on social media sites, but there wasn’t a credible threat from new Facebook hackers when this warning went viral in August 2015.
There are a number of ways for scammers to hack Facebook accounts, but none of them are new.
Rogue apps, malware and phishing scams are common ways for scammers to gain access to Facebook pages. But they’re mostly used to post spam or links to online survey scams — not to send aggressive or insulting messages to your contacts.
So, these warnings about new hackers on Facebook are outdated and false.