The Supreme Court building from outside on a cloudy day.

Was Brett Kavanaugh’s Home Vandalized?

In early October 2018, the usual purveyors and pushers of disinformation were anxious to take advantage of the controversy surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to ride the ad revenue wave from whatever satire or clickbait they could think up.

Most of that centered around various outlandish rumors surrounding his multiple accusers, but at least one hoax story appeared to report that Kavanaugh’s home had been vandalized:

The family home of Judge Brett Kavanaugh was a scene right out of a frat party gone wrong yesterday, as over 200 left-wing protesters, many wearing masks, shouted profane slogans, waved signs, and threw calendars, bricks, and bottles at the property. Kavanaugh himself was not in the residence, as he is currently in Washington for a symposium on anger management. His wife and children vacated the premisis and are currently housed in an unknown location for their own safety.

The story is from a site that is clearly labeled “satire,” but the text and accompanying photograph were quickly picked up by other junk sites with no such disclaimer. The image of the vandalized house comes not from an unfortunate Kavanaugh event, but from a 2016 story in which a home in Ancaster, Ontario was covered in graffiti after its owner chopped down a city-owned tree.