Beautiful picture of wildflowers—but where?-Truth! & Fiction!

Colorful Picture of Wildflowers in California-Truth! & Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A beautiful scene of wildflowers said to be near Tehachapi, California. It’s usually titled “The Day God Spilled the Paint.”

The Truth:
This picture is so stunning that there seems to be no end of claims of where it was taken and by whom.
We’ve received versions that say it was taken by a woman named Barbara in Southern California in May, 2005, a California woman named Chandra, a California man named Frank, and that it was a scene from an unknown Israeli  photographer and was of the side of Mount Tabor in Israel.

One version claims it’s the incredible story of an ordinary women who listened to Gods voice. “The women, living in the Carrizo Plain, area viewed the wondrous Temblor Range. With very little money, she started planting small areas at a time each year until the entire mountain was covered. She and her family put their hearts and souls into a masterpiece. Soon neighbors came to help and before long the entire Temblor Range was covered with love.  It closes with ‘Stop and smell the flowers and listen to Gods voice.'”   There is no truth to the story.
The actual photographer, however, and owner of the picture is a man named Frankie (Frank) Kee, a long-time enthusiast of nature photography from California.  He says that he took the picture on March 27, 2005 while hunting for wildflowers in Southern California.  He came across this particular scene on the East side of the Carrizo Plain National Monument in the Temblor mountain range, not far from Taft.
You can buy authorized copies of the picture on his site at
Updated 9/15/06