Mysterious woman on the road-Fiction!

The Dead Woman Who Flagged Down a Motorist to Save her Baby-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:  
A man and his wife are out for a drive when they see a woman waving at them in the middle of the road ahead.  As they get closer, they see she’s got cuts and bruises, so they stop to help.  The woman says she’s been in a car accident and that her husband is dead.  Her baby, however, is still alive in the car which is in a deep ditch.  The driver leaves the woman with his wife, rushes to the wrecked car, and sees that the baby is still alive, but that two other people in the car have died.  He returns to his car with the baby, but the injured woman is gone.  The driver’s wife says she followed him when he went down to rescue the baby.  The man returns to the car to discover that, to his shock, the woman who flagged him down and asked him to rescue the baby is one of the two dead people in the car.  

The Truth:

We’re classifying this one as fiction for a couple of reasons.  One is that this story has nothing in it that would lead someone to the facts to authenticate it.  No names, locations, or dates.  Another reason is that it closely resembles a category of urban legends known as “The Vanishing Hitchhiker.”  In many of those stories, a motorist gives a ride to a mysterious person who, it is later discovered, was dead.