Zabasearch-a new site that probably has your name, address, and phone number-Truth! New Site That Probably has Your Name, Address, and Phone NumberTruth!

Summary of eRumor:

The email comes with the feeling of being a warning that a new site is being launched in May, 2005 that has information about you and others that you may not want to be seen on the Internet.

The Truth: is a legitimate site that harvests personal and contact information from public records.  There’s nothing sinister about it although it is controversial and many are surprised to find that it’s legal.

ZabaSearch has simply taken the time to comb through the kinds of public records that have information on them about us but that most folks don’t take the time or trouble to search for.  As with other similar site, also offers other information services such as background checks.
The folks at ZabaSearch say, “ZabaSearch simply serves as a search engine in locating available public records and does not create the records found. Information typically makes it to the public domain via a wide variety of sources, including but not limited to: phone listings, court records, real property records, subscriptions etc.”  That’s why you may find your previous addresses on Zabasearch, because those addresses are probably in court or real estate records.

Somehow an eRumor got started in 2006 that the Zabasearch was connected with and we have received a mountain of email from people asking that their information be removed from the Zabasearch site.   We have no connection with Zabasearch and any requests made to will be for naught.

On its site, Zabasearch reminds its readers that it does not generate or collect the information found in its pages.  It is a search engine that combs through public records so if details about you are in those records, you will appear in a search.

Last updated 11/26/06