Obama Signs on the I-5 in Washington State-Unproven!

Obama Signs on the I-5 in Washington State-Unproven!

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Obama Signs on the I-5 in Washington State-Unproven!


Summary of eRumor:


This is a forwarded email that includes a number of photos of road signs displaying a drawing of President Obama.  The signs have a variety of different sayings on them and are alleged to be located on the Northbound Interstate 5 highway about 88 miles South of Seattle.


The Truth:

The Truth Or Fiction Team are still looking for these signs and the persons who may have made them.

This rumor first appeared around in late 2009 during President Obama’ first year in office.  When we first got this eRumor we thought it best to contact the news department at a local radio station near Chehalis, Washington where some versions of this rumor alleged the signs to be located.  The person we talked to told us he drove the i-5 daily and had not noticed the signs but he said he would keep an eye peeled for the signs and get back with us.  A day or two later we got an email from him saying he found no signs along the I-5.

During the summer of 2013 a member of our Truth or Fiction Team took a trip up to Washington State and while driving back to California performed a search in the Chehalis area for these signs. No evidence of the existence of these signs were found.

An version of this eRumor surfaced in May 2014 alleging that location of the signs was Virginia.

We believe that this is one sign with multiple captions..

We are hoping that some of our website visitors can help us find the signs and even more important, the person who may have put them up.   If you have a lead for us please email us at enews@truthorfiction.com

Posted 11/02/13  Updated 05/20/14