Email Alleged to be from Microsoft That Offers Software Update"-VIRUS!

Email Alleged to be from Microsoft That Offers Software Update”VIRUS!

Summary of eRumor:

Notices of critical updates for Outlook Express alleged to be from Microsoft sent by email with download links.

The Truth:

According to the Microsoft web site this email is a fraud and could “contain links to malicious software or attempt to trick you into providing personal information. Do not click any link in the message. Delete the message.”   Click for Microsoft notice.

Recent Microsoft Operating Systems (Vista and XP) perform updates online in the background while the computer user is at work or play on the computer.  We have never seen a case where Microsoft would send an email to users regarding updates and revisions.

The best tip when encountering any email that claims to have a software patch or critical update is never click the links in the body of the emails and delete the message to prevent  infection.   Most software companies have support sections on their websites where users can check for real updates and safely downloaded onto their systems.

updated 07/03/09