ABC-insulting letter to TV viewer-Truth!

Christian Receives Insulting Response to an Email Complaint to ABC Television-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
An Arkansas man says he sent an email to ABC complaining about the homosexual content of an episode of the television program “The Practice.”  In his email, he quoted the Bible.  He says he received a response from ABC that was insulting to his faith and, among other things, said, “Try thinking for yourself and stop using an archaic book of stories as your crutch for your existence.”
The Truth:
This exchange did occur, but ABC quickly apologized and said the comments were those of a particular person and did not reflect the views of the network.
The Arkansas man who initiated the email exchange is Jim Neugent from the city of Mena.  The example of the story below is pretty accurate as to what he says he wrote and the response he received.  Additionally, however, he received an official letter from ABC stating that the offending email response had come from one of their “exfreelancers” who worked for the website.
Mr. Neugent had directed his complaint to the webmaster and the reply came from the webmaster staff.  In their letter, ABC said the insulting email was the act of an individual employee and “…not in any way reflect the views of ABC Television.”
Last updated 11/15/00