Rumors are spreading that the U.S. Postal Service plans to stop selling religious holiday stamps and has declared a war on Christmas.

Chain emails circulating the web claim that laminin protein, which supports life at the cellular level, is shaped like a cross.

Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island, and other malls across the country owned by Simon Property Management, have "sanitized" Christmas by taking away traditional Christmas decorations and putting Santa in a space aged display to ensure that shoppers aren’t offended.

Jesus and other Christian symbols have been removed from this year’s Starbucks Christmas cups.

Two Muslim truck drivers who were fired from their jobs for refusing to deliver beer because of their religious beliefs were awarded $240,000 in a lawsuit filed by a government agency.

There’s a Muslim prayer room located at Orlando International airport.

A post-game interview with Clemson coach Dabo Sweeny that was cut short as soon as he mentioned God proves that ESPN has banned on-air mentions of God.

Angola has become the first country to ban Islam.

An Arizona high school is requiring all students to wear hijab for one month after a Muslim student was bullied.

A baby was born with a birthmark on his forehead that spelled “Allah” in Arabic characters.