It's been rumored that Donald Trump bashed Jesus by saying that he would save America without "a silly cross."

A 17-year-old Christian boy supposedly stood his ground after a Muslim cashier said she was offended by his cross necklace at a sporting goods store in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Legend has it that the candy cane's origin story is steeped in Christian symbolism.

It's been reported that Burger King is ditching pork and other non-halal menu items in accordance with Islamic Sharia Law.

Has a 51-year-old Saudi prince married a 6-year-old girl?

People are questioning reports that President Obama and the FCC fined ABC for airing "A Charlie Brown Christmas" because non-Christians found it offensive.

Emails and social media posts claim that Dick Smith Foods called halal certification "extortion" and took a stand against it, but are they true?

Rumors are spreading that the U.S. Postal Service plans to stop selling religious holiday stamps and has declared a war on Christmas.

Chain emails circulating the web claim that laminin protein, which supports life at the cellular level, is shaped like a cross.

Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island, and other malls across the country owned by Simon Property Management, have "sanitized" Christmas by taking away traditional Christmas decorations and putting Santa in a space aged display to ensure that shoppers aren’t offended.