An account of a Muslim man refusing a seat next to a woman reading a Bible lacks key details needed to verify the story's authenticity.

An email claiming that a Muslim Invasion has taken over the United Kingdom makes claims that are true and false, but it's overall point is mostly fiction.

False rumors that Bernie Sanders introduced a bill requiring Christians holding public office to wear scarlet crosses are based on a satirical article.

Authentic prayer requests for Dakota Miller, a 13-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself in the head, were circulating social media in May 2017.

Satirical reports that an African pastor was eaten by a crocodile while trying to walk on water like Jesus have been mistaken for factual news.

A photo of a man who was severely beaten in Egypt in 2013 has been misidentified as an American Muslim man who was beaten for raping a 13-year-old.

German Chancellor Agnela Merkel appeared in Saudi Arabia without a traditional burqa, but Saudi state TV didn't censor her hair.

A Christian news satire site is behind false reports that Joel Osteen jumped from a stage to prevent a man from opening a bible.

We're unable to verify prayer requests for a boy named Dakota who was supposedly airlifted to a hospital in Dallas after suffering continuous seizures.

A 2011 prayer request for 41-year-old Greg Comers, who had been battling cancer for nearly seven years at the time, resurfaced in 2017.