A 2011 prayer request for 41-year-old Greg Comers, who had been battling cancer for nearly seven years at the time, resurfaced in 2017.

Muslim students in Maryland, Michigan and Arizona are allowed to pray in public school — but the same is true for Christians and students practicing other religions

"What is Hijrah?" oversimplifies the definition as "large scale mass migrations become invasion" — but the email includes some accurate details.

Kim Clement prophesied Donald Trump would become a "Trumpet of God" in 2008 — but Clement never directly said that Trump would become president.

A Texas mosque burned to the ground and an outpouring of support led to $900,000 in donations to rebuild it.

Women's March co-organizer Linda Sarsour has publicly supported some aspects of sharia law, and she has opposed state bans on sharia law in the past.

The Crusades Have Finally Started Again commentary makes true and false claims about steps being taken around the world to curb the spread of Islam.

The University of Wisconsin did not demand that students wear hijabs for Islam Appreciation Week in Wisconsin — but some students did volunteer to do so.

A viral image on social media doesn't show a donut with Muslim writing — it shows a donut with Orkish writing from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

A viral video making the rounds doesn't show offended Muslims attacking a Christmas tree — it shows an annual "tree plundering" celebration in Cairo.