Muslims Demand Removal of "The Perfect Man" Billboard-Truth! & Fiction! Summary of eRumor: Muslim groups demanded that a "Perfect Man" billboard that's critical of the Prophet...

A hotel in Switzerland posted signs urging Jewish guests to shower before using the pool and later took down the signs and apologized.

Technology has enabled archaeologists to read an ancient scroll containing the Book of Leviticus that was found in Israel.

Reports that Steven Furtick is leaving Elevation Church on a 6-year, $110 million contract came from a site that publishes Christian satire.

A self-described fake news website is behind false reports that President Trump removed Muslim Judge Mahal al Alalallaha-Smith after he allowed sharia law.

Pope Francis's comments about the importance of the church in 2014 were misrepresented as "a personal relationship with Jesus is harmful and dangerous."

A satirical website is behind false reports that a federal judge ordered Christian musician Chris Tomlin to stop altering hymns with catchy choruses.

A meme falsely claims that Donald Trump wrote in his 1987 book "The Art of the Deal" that being an atheist gives him a business edge over Christians.

A photo of a KFC in Saudi Arabia has been misidentified as a KFC in Dearborn in a meme that claims Sharia law has come to America.

An account of a Muslim man refusing a seat next to a woman reading a Bible lacks key details needed to verify the story's authenticity.