Muslim students in Maryland, Michigan and Arizona are allowed to pray in public school — but the same is true for Christians and students practicing other religions

False reports are circulating that the first Supreme Court decision with Justice Neal Gorsuch limits teaching Islam in public schools, leaving President Obama furious.

H.R. 610 would have a major impact on federal education funding, but claims that H.R. 610 would defund public education aren't entirely true.

Neither President Trump or Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said "handicapped and minority children" were too disruptive in the classroom.

Letter By Florida Teacher: Immigrants Are Owed Nothing But Opportunity-Mostly Fiction Summary of eRumor: A letter by a Florida teacher on immigrants receiving financial aid for...

Claims made in a "Meet Betsy DeVos" meme about Donald Trump's pick for Education Secretary are a combination of truth and fiction.

Sunny Oaks Elementary School in California supposedly forced students to cross dress to celebrate LGBT week.

An open letter titled "Oxford Pushes Back" knocks a student movement to remove a Cecil Rhodes statute from Oxford University's campus over concerns that he promoted segregation and racist policies.

Seventh grade students in Tennessee were forced to write, “Allah is the Only God,” as part of a social studies lesson.

Workers remodeling Emerson High School in Oklahoma discovered blackboards from 1917 with perfectly preserved writings and drawings.