First Lady Michelle Obama said that slaves built the White House during a speech at the Democratic National Convention.

No American flags were displayed at the Democratic National Convention because the DNC had banned them.

Doe Run Lead Plant Closing Is Backdoor Gun Control-Fiction!  Summary of eRumor: The Obama White House has taken a “backdoor” approach to gun control by having...

After the assassination of top Democratic Party official Conrad Rich, the FBI has captured a Clinton hit team.

Comparisons have been made between the cases of Major Jason Brezler and Hillary Clinton using personal email accounts to send classified information.

All 4th of July fireworks displays have been canceled due to terrorism fears.

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “To anger a conservative, lie to him. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.”

President Obama issued a proclamation declaring June 2016 LGBT Pride month.

President Obama has supposedly been named the 5th best president in history by the University of Georgia or Texas A&M.

A Divorce Agreement supposedly written by a young college student named John J. Wall has been circulating the web for years.