False reports are circulating that the first Supreme Court decision with Justice Neal Gorsuch limits teaching Islam in public schools, leaving President Obama furious.

Claims about President Trump's travel expenses compared to President Obama's are disputed, and actual travel costs for Trump aren't yet known.

The Trump Organization has not been awarded a lucrative contract to rebuild the Syrian airfield that President Trump bombed, that rumor started as satire.

The Trump Rule to reform Congress borrows from the earlier Bufffet Rule, and President Trump hasn't proposed the Congressional Review Act of 2017.

Congress as approved S.J. Res. 34, which allows internet service providers to sell customers' personal browsing and usage data.

Hillary Clinton played a role in approving a Russian uranium deal, but she didn't personally sell America's uranium to Russia.

Claims that Congress has approved killing hibernating wolves and bears are technically true, but they're also misleading.

President Trump's budget would cut grants that support local Meals on Wheels programs — but the status of other federal funding sources is unclear.

A warning about bills introduced in Congress while Americans were distracted by "Russian spy drama" contains claims that are true, false and somewhere in between.

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has not proposed a "white tax" or a "black tax" on people who have benefited from "white privilege."