Crime / Police

False claims that Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Compos was arrested as the second gunman in the Las Vegas mass shooting came from websites that fabricate news reports.

CBS Executive Hayley Geftman-Gold was fired for saying that she didn't have sympathy for Las Vegas mass shooting victims in October 2017.

A man falsely reported that he was stabbed by an Antifa member for having a neo-Nazi haircut and was later charged with filing a false report.

A fake news website is behind false reports that 12 white female bodies tagged with Black Lives Matter were found in a garage freezer.

The Sacramento City Council approved a program that will pay gang members not to commit violent acts, but key details have been misrepresented.

There's no evidence to support claims Charlottesville Police were told to stand down during white nationalist protests and counter-protests.

A self-described fake news website is behind false reports that President Trump removed Muslim Judge Mahal al Alalallaha-Smith after he allowed sharia law.

Special Forces Soldier John Martin Arrested After Clash with Protestors-Fiction! Summary of eRumor: Army Special Forces Master Sergeant John Martin was arrested in Berkley, California, after...

A website that publishes "works of satirical fiction" is behind false reports that Nancy Pelosi's daughters were arrested for smuggling cocaine.

ANTIFA didn't sabotage emergency services by cutting fiber optic cables, those claims came from an imposter Twitter account that spreads misinformation.