Crime / Police

A fake news website reported that a mall Santa Claus beat up a child molester after a little girl confided in him that her stepdad abuses her.

There aren't any confirmed reports of police officers turning in their badges at Standing Rock protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline.

People called for a boycott of Ford after the Ford Foundation pledged $100 million to Black Lives Matter.

Wendell Callahan murdered his ex-girlfriend and her two young children after President Obama released him from prison early.

Anti-Clinton DNC Process Server Shawn Lucas died under suspicious circumstances after serving DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz with anti-fraud lawsuit.

Clinton researcher and author Victor Thorn was found dead at the age of 54.

The UN has backed President Obama's secret plans to take over the country's police forces using consent decrees.

A major traffic accident has been blamed on Pokemon Go.

Alton Sterling's lengthy criminal record has been kept under wraps by the media and protestors.

After the assassination of top Democratic Party official Conrad Rich, the FBI has captured a Clinton hit team.