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The Supreme Court of Canada overturned an animal sex conviction because a poorly-written law; claims the country legalized animal sex are misleading.

A well-known fake news website is behind false reports that a cannibal babysitter ate a toddler after smoking crystal methamphetamine.

ICE agents took part in a DEA-led raid of convenience stores in the St. Louis area that resulted in 35 indictments on narcotics and other charges.

An old false report about Charles Manson's parole resurfaced in 2017, but the convicted murderer isn't due for another parole hearing until 2027.

A hoax report is behind false claims that Democratic Senator Hal Lindsay was arrested and was later killed while in protective custody.

President Trump didn't revive a National Peace Officers Memorial Day that President Obama canceled, misinformation sites are behind those rumors.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions doesn't hold stock in private prisons, but he and President Trump both have significant ties to the industry.

Muslim Refugee Rapes Michigan Woman for Hours-Fiction!  Summary or eRumor:A Syrian refugee was arrested for raping and beating a pregnant woman in Hamtramck, Michigan, in May...

A photo of a man who was severely beaten in Egypt in 2013 has been misidentified as an American Muslim man who was beaten for raping a 13-year-old.

False reports that two investigators working for Trey Gowdy went missing and were later found dead were started by an untrustworthy website.