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Attorney General Jeff Sessions doesn't hold stock in private prisons, but he and President Trump both have significant ties to the industry.

Muslim Refugee Rapes Michigan Woman for Hours-Fiction!  Summary or eRumor:A Syrian refugee was arrested for raping and beating a pregnant woman in Hamtramck, Michigan, in May...

A photo of a man who was severely beaten in Egypt in 2013 has been misidentified as an American Muslim man who was beaten for raping a 13-year-old.

False reports that two investigators working for Trey Gowdy went missing and were later found dead were started by an untrustworthy website.

There's no missing White House intern named Margaret Sanguay, and Margaret Sanguay's body was not found hidden in Vince Foster's grave.

1,500 pedophiles were arrested in the first few weeks of Donald Trump's presidency— but those arrests were made through annual programs that predated Trump.

Claims that 179 children went missing in Indiana in the first 45 days of 2017 appear to contradict official stats on missing children in Indian.

There haven't been any confirmed reports of predators using shirts on windshields for bait, but police advise the public to stay vigilant.

A fake news website started false rumors that Army Sniper Jeremy Elmore saved a family of six by shooting would-be intruders from his bedroom window.

A fake news website reported that a mall Santa Claus beat up a child molester after a little girl confided in him that her stepdad abuses her.