Food / Drink

Rumors have gone viral that Chipotle will close all of its restaurants due to an E. coli outbreak linked to dog and cat meat.

Did Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie poison and kill hundreds of people?

Is there helium infused beer for sale in the U.K. or anywhere else?

Bananas purchased at Walmart and other stores in the U.S. have been injected with HIV blood.

Jesus and other Christian symbols have been removed from this year’s Starbucks Christmas cups.

Starbucks is giving away lifetime passes for free coffee to mark its 44th anniversary.

To commemorate its 50th anniversary, Barefoot Cellars is giving away free cases of wine on Facebook.

A study found that some hotdog brands contained human DNA.

Leftover onions become poisonous after just a day because they’re magnets for bacteria.

DEW brand bottled water sold in Nigeria and other parts of Africa has caused at least 180 deaths and has been known to infect those who drink it with the Ebola virus.