Food / Drink

General Mills has recalled millions of pounds of Gold Medal flour that was sold in 20 states.

Despite a well-planned marketing campaign, Budweiser isn't actually changing its name to "America" for the summer.

It's been falsely reported that Coca-Cola recalled Dasani bottled water because worm parasites were found in it.

An old news report has sparked rumors that Dr Pepper is ending production in 2016.

A few Chic-fil-A locations offer a free meal for new moms, but it's not a companywide promotion.

Cadbury has "quietly dropped" the word "Easter" from its products and marketing materials.

Bumble Bee has not issued a recall for tuna after discovering that human remains were mixed in.

Will bananas and kiwi grow into one hybrid fruit if planted together?

There are false reports that a Wendy's employee pooped in hundreds of batches of chili over two years.

Are Wonderful Halos Cuties mandarin oranges grown using wastewater from oil refineries?