Food / Drink

A prank website is behind false reports that Taco Bell filed for bankruptcy and will close all restaurants in 2017 and 2018.

It's true that Trisodium Phosphate is used in cereal and cleaning products — but it's used in very different concentrations.

Residents of 15 states who have bought milk since 2003 might be eligible for a cash payout resulting from Fresh Milk Product Antitrust Litigation.

Unproven reports of plastic rice being sold in China have been circulating for years, now similar reports are coming from Nigeria and Jamaica.

Shark finning, in which fisherman cut off a shark's fin and dump the carcass back into the ocean, threatens shark populations and ocean ecosystems.

General Mills has recalled millions of pounds of Gold Medal flour that was sold in 20 states.

Despite a well-planned marketing campaign, Budweiser isn't actually changing its name to "America" for the summer.

It's been falsely reported that Coca-Cola recalled Dasani bottled water because worm parasites were found in it.

An old news report has sparked rumors that Dr Pepper is ending production in 2016.

A few Chic-fil-A locations offer a free meal for new moms, but it's not a companywide promotion.