"A General Mattis Christmas Story" tells the true tale of how Gen. James Mattis filled in for a young officer so the officer could spend Christmas with his family.

Donald Trump was invested in Carrier's parent company as recently as 2014 — but it's not clear he was still invested when he negotiated tax breaks.

Congress could declare President Trump unfit for office under the 25th Amendment, effectively ending his presidency.

Claims made in a "Meet Betsy DeVos" meme about Donald Trump's pick for Education Secretary are a combination of truth and fiction.

Contrary to rumors, Vladimir Putin has not put a bounty on George Soros' head, seeking the billionaire philanthropist "dead or alive."

The Bush administration "lost" 22 million from 2003-2005 because a private email server was used without an archiving system in place — but the lost emails were actually mislabeled and were found in 2009.

Rumors that Hillary Clinton secretly sent Ambassador Chris Stevens to Benghazi to recover Stinger missiles cannot be proven true or false.

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee once said hurricane names were too "lily white," but that wasn't the first time hurricane naming was brought into social issues.

The United Nations hasn't demanded that the U.S. make reparations to black Americans, but a UN panel did suggest it in a report.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claims Hillary Clinton pushed weapons into Syria that landed in the hands of ISIS.