Congressman Steve King made controversial remarks about dogfighting in 2012, but he didn't necessarily say it should be legal.

Coretta Scott King acknowledged then-Senator Jeff Sessions in a 2000 speech — but claims that King "thanked" Sessions are false.

Meryl Streep has not been fired from a major for lying about Donald Trump at the Golden Globes, the rumor started with a fake news website.

Claims that Donald Trump owes Blackston/Bayrock $560 million can't be verified without access to Trump's tax returns or financial records.

President Obama promised Russia "more flexibility" European missile defense shield negotiations in 2012, but the two sides never agreed on a deal.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is not headed to jail for issuing fake IDs to illegals, contrary to viral reports.

"A General Mattis Christmas Story" tells the true tale of how Gen. James Mattis filled in for a young officer so the officer could spend Christmas with his family.

Donald Trump was invested in Carrier's parent company as recently as 2014 — but it's not clear he was still invested when he negotiated tax breaks.

Congress could declare President Trump unfit for office under the 25th Amendment, effectively ending his presidency.

Claims made in a "Meet Betsy DeVos" meme about Donald Trump's pick for Education Secretary are a combination of truth and fiction.