Rumors are circulating that "In God We Trust" was removed from new dollar coins to avoid offending people.

South African President Zuma requested a Boeing 747 presidential jet, but some details about this rumor are false.

Congress just approved a $42.4 billion consumer rebate program that allows taxpayers to cash in on every purchase they make throughout the year.

Secretary of State John Kerry said the media should cover terrorism less so people don't know what's going on.

President Obama and the ATF are creating a backdoor ammo ban by reclassifying wetted nitrocellulose as a highly explosive material under federal explosives laws.

Speaking against food stamps, Maine Gov. Paul LePage said "hungry kids grow up to be better workers."

Mutation response vehicles spotted on Florida roads have sparked conspiracy theories about zombie apocalypses and sinister government plots.

Edward Snowden Found Dead in Russia-Fiction! Summary of eRumor: Reports from Russia indicate that Edward Snowden’s girlfriend has found him dead. The Truth: Edward Snowden has not been...

Clinton researcher and author Victor Thorn was found dead at the age of 54.

Seattle workers asked for reduced hours after a $15 minimum wage law took effect so they would still qualify for government assistance.