A photo showing an extra from the set of "Madam Secretary" was misidentified as a servicemember named John Welch who was denied service at a pizzeria.

The Trump Organization has not been awarded a lucrative contract to rebuild the Syrian airfield that President Trump bombed, that rumor started as satire.

Whoopi Goldberg didn't say military widows love their 15 minutes in the spotlight, a fake news website started the rumor.

Unconfirmed claims have spread that more than 13,000 Marines applied for White House duty after President Trump was elected, signaling widespread military support.

A photo of a young Nazi soldier has been misidentified as George Soros — George Soros wasn't a Nazi.

"A General Mattis Christmas Story" tells the true tale of how Gen. James Mattis filled in for a young officer so the officer could spend Christmas with his family.

The Gold Star Family of Sgt. John Perry was booed by first class passengers aboard a flight to meet Perry's remains because they were allowed to deplane first to catch a connecting flight.

The Navy plans to name a ship in honor of gay rights activist Harvey Milk.

Philip Jennings, a former Marine Corps pilot, has written a commentary "A Secretary Without Honor" about Hillary Clinton's email scandal.

Lt. Col. Louis Curdes, pilot of the P-51 Mustang "Bad Angel," received the Distinguished Flying Cross for shooting down a C-47 with his girlfriend aboard.