The Navy plans to name a ship in honor of gay rights activist Harvey Milk.

Philip Jennings, a former Marine Corps pilot, has written a commentary "A Secretary Without Honor" about Hillary Clinton's email scandal.

Lt. Col. Louis Curdes, pilot of the P-51 Mustang "Bad Angel," received the Distinguished Flying Cross for shooting down a C-47 with his girlfriend aboard.

A resignation speech supposedly made by Joint Chiefs of Staff Secretary General Joe Dunford has gone viral.

Reports have gone viral that 41 senators blocked benefits for veterans by voting against a bill.

Did President Obama pull $2.6 billion from veteran programs to support Syrian refugees?

A civil liberties group called for the court martial of Air Force Major General Craig Olson after he thanked god during a speech at a National Day of Prayer Task event.

The call sign given to Hillary Clinton’s helicopter by soldiers during a tour of Iraq was “Broomstick One.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has deployed the State Guard to prevent a take over of the state by President Obama as a joint military exercise called Jade Helm 15 got underway.

Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K) criticized President Obama’s military strategy to deal with the ISIS terrorist group.