Myeshia Johnson "Setting the Record Straight" Facebook Post About Husband's Death-Fiction!

Myeshia Johnson “Setting the Record Straight” Facebook Post About Husband’s Death-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson, stated in a Facebook post that she’s tired of U.S Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Florida) using her husband’s death as a political platform to attack President Donald Trump.
The Truth:
A “Setting the Record Straight” Facebook post about President Trump’s response to the death of Army Sgt. La David Johnson in Niger was not written by Johnson’s pregnant widow, Myeshia Johnson.
The “Setting the Record Straight” post came from an imposter Facebook account that is not affiliated with Myeshia Johnson. And Johnson has since spoken publicly on the matter, disputing the post’s claims.
It all started when Rep. Frederica Wilson told reporters that she was riding in a car with Myeshia Johnson when she overhead the president’s phone call to Myeshia Johnson. In reference to La David Johnson’s death in Niger, the president told Johnson that her husband “must’ve known what he signed up for,” Wilson told reporters in Florida on October 17th:
Wilson’s comments sparked a back-and-forth with the Trump administration, and President Trump himself, in the days that followed.
Chief of Staff John Kelley said he was “stunned” and “heartbroken” by Wilson’s comments. Kelly also accused Wilson of saying that she “got the money” for a new FBI building in Florida in 2015 during a speech although she didn’t have a hand in securing the funds. The Sun-Sentinel released a video of the speech that showed Wilson didn’t take credit for securing the federal funds — proving Kelly’s accusations false. Over the weekend, the feud escalated with the president calling Wilson “wacky” on October 22nd.
It was against that backdrop of rising tensions that the bogus “Setting the Record Straight” Facebook post emerged. Many shared the post, assuming that it had come from Johnson. But it’s easy for imposters to create Facebook profiles and post bogus messages like this one:

Myeshia Johnson
A “Setting the Record Straight” Facebook post about Army Sgt. La David Johnson’s death didn’t come from his widow, Myeshia Johnson.

Myseshia Johnson has since spoken out publicly about her husband’s death in an interview with ABC News. In addition to confirming that she was upset about the president’s comments in the phone call, Johnson went a step further by accusing the president of forgetting her husband’s name, stating that he made her cry even more.
Myesehia Johnson also explained that her family had been close to Frederica Wilson for some time. Her uncle was Wilson’s elementary school principal, and La David was in Wilson’s role model program. Johnson also concluded that Wilson’s portrayal of the phone call was “100 percent correct.”

Given all that, it’s clear that the “Setting the Record Straight’ Facebook post didn’t come from Myeshia Johnson.