9/11 Attack on America

Michelle Obama has been accused of plagiarizing her 2008 Democratic National Convention speech, which Melania Trump was later accused of plagiarizing.

Melania Trump did not graduate form college with a degree in architecture and design.

Architect John Tesoro claims that Donald Trump and/or the Trump Organization underpaid his firm for design work at Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, New York.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch supports the Black Lives Matter movement's "summer of chaos" strategy to get President Obama elected to a third term in office.

Air Force veteran Oscar Rodriguez, Jr., was allegedly forcefully removed from an Air Force flag ceremony for a speech referencing God.

A report that an an undocumented "Islamic refugee" was arrested with plans to a gas pipeline in New Mexico has gone viral.

A commentary by retired USMC Lt. Col. Fred DiBella takes issue with an Army directive to balance lactation support and readiness.

A meme claims that Donald Trump was never accused of racism before running for president.

It's been reported that President Obama has issued a kill order for bald eagles.

There are rumors that Breyers ice cream doesn't melt, but these products are actually considered "frozen dessert products" and not ice cream.