9/11 Attack on America

The "Fun Facts About the NFL" commentary cites mostly true examples of the league fining or threatening to fine players for exercising their right to free speech.

Hobby Lobby was accused of not selling Jewish holiday items and not catering to Jewish customers in 2013, and those reports resurfaced in 2017.

Jerry Jones said players who refuse to stand for the national anthem should not be allowed to play in October 2017.

False reports that the Seattle Seahawks burned the American flag in the locker room came from a digitally manipulated photo on Facebook.

A commentary titled "Why I Left California" makes claims about California laws, policies and proposals that are both true and fiction.

False claims that chilling items found in Las Vega shooter Stephen Paddock's room link him to President Obama are based on a series of fabricated reports.

A website that publishes satirical fiction is behind false reports that the Saints were stranded on a runway after flight crew took a knee.

CEO Allan Jones announced that his companies wouldn't support the NFL, but it's not clear how much support then lent to begin with.

The NFL rulebook doesn't specifically ban National Anthem protests, but it give the NFL some authority to punish players in certain situations.

The NFL didn't fine the Pittsburgh Steelers $1 million each for refusing to take the field for the National Anthem, a fake news website is behind the rumor.