9/11 Attack on America

A doctor saved the life of baby who, in turn, saved the doctor's life 30 years later.

Adobe Flash has issued a critical security update to close a loophole that could allow hackers to tack control of users' computers.

The government didn't force Kentucky Fried Chicken to change its name to KFC.

Dying Veteran Bill Schoonover wrote an open letter to senators that has gone viral.

It's been rumored that Hitler's "Make Germany Great Again" echoes in Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan.

It's been a reported a Nazi submarine has been found in the Great Lakes.

General John J. Pershing "Black Jack" supposedly ordered that bullets be dipped in pig's blood before being used to execute radical Islamic prisoners in the Philippines to deter future attacks.

There are questions about whether Hillary Clinton's private email server compromised SAP intelligence, and if so, whether she should face criminal charges.

The LA Times didn't stop carry cartoons by Dixon Diaz because he was critical of Hillary Clinton and Liberals in general.

Bernie Sanders once said a 90% top marginal income tax rate for the highest earners "wouldn't be too high," but he later backed off from those remarks.