9/11 Attack on America

Earlier reports were used to form a false narrative that Starbucks' Muslim employees were slipping feces into coffee and spreading tuberculosis

Bill Clinton didn't give North Korea nukes; he negotiated a nuclear agreement that temporarily slowed North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

A hoax that Starbucks is giving away free or discounted products to undocumented Americans on "Dreamer Day" started on 4chan.

President Trump denies calling the White House a "real dump," but the author of a Golf magazine article that broke the story stands behind the claim.

Somali Muslims Take Over Small Tennessee Town, Terrify Christians-Outdated!  Summary of eRumor:Somali Muslims have taken over a small Tennessee town, forcing absolute hell and terrifying...

Claims about the White House staff sizes of President Trump and President Obama that began circulating in July 2017 are a combination of truth and fiction.

A fake news website is behind false claims that a CIA agent confessed that he took part in the demolition of World Trade Center 7, the third building destroyed on 9/11.

Klaus Eberwein was found dead, but there's not evidence that he was going to expose \ Clinton Foundation fraud, or that the Clintons were responsible.

Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Albow has routinely defended President Donald Trump's mental stability, but Albow has never evaluated the president in-person.

A fake news website started false rumors that Congressman Trey Gowdy was found badly beaten outside his Washington, D.C., office.