9/11 Attack on America

There are questions about whether Hillary Clinton's private email server compromised SAP intelligence, and if so, whether she should face criminal charges.

The LA Times didn't stop carry cartoons by Dixon Diaz because he was critical of Hillary Clinton and Liberals in general.

Bernie Sanders once said a 90% top marginal income tax rate for the highest earners "wouldn't be too high," but he later backed off from those remarks.

Has President Obama signed an executive order limiting gun ownership to no more than three guns per person?

Chic-fil-A restaurants set a Missing Man table to honor veterans.

Rumors that Keurig coffee machines harbor bacteria have been circulating the web for years.

Some are questioning if President Obama cried fake tears at a press conference announcing background checks on some gun purchases.

It's been reported that a Sharia showdown looms in Brussels and a radical group called Sharia4Belgium pushed for Sharia Law to be imposed throughout Europe.

Some believe SAM's Club CEO Rosalind Brewer is racist because of comments she made about diversity among executives.

Was Islam banned from the U.S. in 1952?