9/11 Attack on America

Donald Trump didn't fire all U.S. ambassadors and envoys — his transition team ordered political appointees to step down, "without exception," which isn't that unusual.

Rumors that President Obama recalled all aircraft carriers were briefly true, but an aircraft carrier deployed days later.

General Vo Nguyen Giap did not say that the U.S. lost the Vietnam War at home because of anti-war protests and the media, but a former colonel did.

Claims that DNC emails were leaked to Wikileaks by DNC whistleblowers, not Russia, are disputed by U.S. intelligence agencies.

Retired USMC Colonel Jeffrey A. Powers' letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about player protests has gone viral.

Key details haven't been confirmed in the tale of a 5-year-old boy dying in Santa's arms.

President-elect Donald Trump and GOP leaders haven't indicated that they plan to save Social Security by massively cutting the program in the near future.

"Dumped on Prom Night" rumors that Hillary Clinton went on a destructive rampage after losing the 2016 election came from a fake news website.

President Donald Trump will be able to send unblockable mass text messages to Americans — but only in limited situations like natural disasters, national emergencies or imminent attacks.

Mattel is not releasing a "Public Assistance Barbie" in time for the holidays, contrary to reports.