Planned Parenthood Calls For Disney Princes Who's Had an Abortion-Investigation Pending!

Planned Parenthood Calls For Disney Princes Who’s Had an Abortion-Investigation Pending!

Summary of eRumor:

A Planned Parenthood affiliate in Pennsylvania tweeted that we need a Disney princess who’s had an abortion, who’s pro-choice, who’s an undocumented immigrant, who’s a union worker and who’s trans.

The Truth:

Rumors that a Planned Parenthood affiliate in Pennsylvania called for a Disney princess who’s had an abortion can’t be proven true or false at this point. Pro-choice advocates circulated a screen shot of the tweet, which was supposedly deleted a short time after it appeared. But it’s very easy to fabricate tweets, so we’re waiting on more information to make a determination on this one.
One of the first to tweet the screenshot was Chet Cannon. Cannon appeared on MTV’s “The Real World” in 2009. He’s since become a prolific social media user, frequently advocating for conservative causes and pointing out apparent hypocrisy of those who oppose them. He tweeted a screenshot of the Planned Parenthood Disney princess tweet on Mach 27, 2018:

Unproven claims that a Planned Parenthood group said there needs to be a Disney princes who’s had an abortion are based on a screengrab of a tweet.

Planned Parenthood Keystone, an affiliate based in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, hasn’t responded to media inquires about the tweet. And Cannon didn’t provide any information about how he captured the tweet, or who brought it to his attention. It’s possible that Planned Parenthood Keystone tweeted and deleted the message. But it’s also possible that it was fabricated, or that the group’s account was hacked. Given lack of details and official statements, there’s not way to determine whether or not this rumor is true at this point.