9/11 Attack on America

An employee of a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in California muted the National Anthem on the anniversary of 9/11 — but that's not a company policy.

A photo that supposedly shows where Hurricane Harvey flooding revealed ammo hidden by the Obama administration was actually taken in Russia in 2010.

Maxine Waters didn't say, "My fear is if North Korea nukes us, Trump gonna get us into a war." A satirical meme was mistaken for factual news.

Isaiah Crowell posted an image of a cop killing on social media in 2016 and later apologized and donated a game check to a foundation for fallen police.

False warnings that Pepsi products contain HIV or AIDS infected blood have been circulating for years, but they're not based in reality.

Earlier reports were used to form a false narrative that Starbucks' Muslim employees were slipping feces into coffee and spreading tuberculosis

Bill Clinton didn't give North Korea nukes; he negotiated a nuclear agreement that temporarily slowed North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

A hoax that Starbucks is giving away free or discounted products to undocumented Americans on "Dreamer Day" started on 4chan.

President Trump denies calling the White House a "real dump," but the author of a Golf magazine article that broke the story stands behind the claim.

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