9/11 Attack on America

An admitted fake news website is behind false reports that steel barrel graves have been uncovered at the Clinton Estate.

Alex Jones has not been appointed White House press secretary, a well-known website that publishes religious satire is behind those false rumors.

Accounts marking the anniversary of Marvin Heemeyer's killdozer are true, but important details have been left out or changed.

Warnings about a blue whale suicide challenge that's been linked to hundreds of teen suicides are unproven.

Rumors are unproven that President Donald Trump pressured Argentine President Mauricio Macri to not present a humanitarian award to Jimmy Carter during a trip to Washington.

Three ISIS fighters were mauled by wild boars outside Kirkuk, Iraq, but other details of the account are unverified.

False reports that Bill Clinton suffered a health crisis and was on the verge of death were spread by a website known for publishing false reports.

Hillary Clinton didn't supply chemical weapons to Syria; its chemical weapons programs has been around since the 1980s and has become self-supporting.

Half a trillion dollars of HUD bookkeeping errors were discovered, but those discoveries were made before Ben Carson was confirmed as HUD secretary.

Susan Rice "unmasked" Trump transition team officials, but it doesn't appear that she acted illegally, and there's no proof that she leaked information.