9/11 Attack on America

Rumors that top Clinton aide Johnson Wilson McGill died before he could testify about Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server appear to be false.

False rumors that the FBI issued an arrest warrant for President Obama over President Trump's wiretapping accusations started with a fake news website.

President Trump isn't sending $4,106 checks to seniors to make up for higher taxes on Social Security income under President Obama.

A satirical report about President Trump selling California to Mexico, creating "MexiCal," has been making the rounds online.

Rosmary Labonte's letter to the editor about "new immigration" was never published, but it has been in circulation since 2006.

President Obama didn't ban Iraqi refugees for six months in 2011; Obama slowed down processing of Iraqi SIVs while the process was tweaked.

A social media post about Pizza Hut military discounts, and a veteran being belittled for asking for one, appear to be a combination of truth and fiction.

Donald Trump didn't fire all U.S. ambassadors and envoys — his transition team ordered political appointees to step down, "without exception," which isn't that unusual.

Rumors that President Obama recalled all aircraft carriers were briefly true, but an aircraft carrier deployed days later.

General Vo Nguyen Giap did not say that the U.S. lost the Vietnam War at home because of anti-war protests and the media, but a former colonel did.