Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap Burns Child's Hands-Unproven!

Crayola Bathtub Finger Paint Soap Burns Child’s Hands-Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:

A Facebook post warns that Crayola bathtub finger paint soap burned the skin off a child’s hands.

The Truth:

Crayola has said that it’s looking into reports that its bathtub finger paint soap burned layers of skin from a child’s hands. We’re calling this one “unproven” until more information becomes available.
The rumor started with a Facebook post by Premier Pediatrics, a Utah-based medical practice. A photo of a child’s hand appears to show the outside layers of skin burned away, and the post includes a stern warning. The post reads: “He had used Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap and it BURNED his hands. Luckily only his hands. We’re talking layers of skin gone!” It also initially stated that Crayloa hadn’t returned calls from the boy’s mother — but a later update indicated that the company was in contact with her.

Warnings that Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap burning the skin from a child’s hands were unproven in the days after it surfaced in early February 2018.

By February 5, 2018, Crayola indicated on social media that it was looking into the matter. The company didn’t confirm or deny a threat, stating only “we are looking into this further.” By then, the original post had been shared more than a half million times, and warnings about Crayola bathtub finger paint soap burning children’s hands had gone viral.

Crayola has said that it’s looking into warnings about its Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap.

Again, we’re going to have to wait for more information to determine if these warnings are credible or not. Many Facebook users took the warning at face value. Others, however, cast doubt. They pointed out that the child’s skin appeared to be burned away in perfect lines ending at the knuckles, which might wouldn’t be the case if his hands were completely covered in finger paint. Others noted that the boy could have been allergic to one of the ingredients since there had been no other reports of injury from Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap.
We’ll update this post when more information becomes available.