Barack Obama Trying to Become United Nations Secretary-General-Fiction!

Barack Obama Trying to Become UN Secretary-General-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

Former President Barack Obama is trying to become the next United Nations secretary-general.

The Truth:

Despite rumors about Barack Obama trying to become UN Secretary General that date back years, there’s no evidence to support the claims.
The rumor is based on the conspiracy theory that the United Nations is trying to establish a totalitarian world government, sometimes called New World Order (NWO). The idea is that Barack Obama wants to become UN secretary-general to continue advancing his “globalist agenda.”
These rumors have been around for years, but they resurfaced in February 2018 with a report that appeared at Your News Wire. The post cited a Washington Times article from January 2016. The Washington Times article cited an October 2016 report from Israeli National News. And the Israeli National News Report cited a report from Kuwaiti newspaper Jarida. The original report claimed that Obama was considering a bid for secretary-general and had already talked it over with Democrats and Republicans. However, the report states that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu planned to thwart Obama’s bid as retribution for the Iranian nuclear deal, which Netanyahu opposed. A very important detail, however, is that the Israeli National News story stated in the second paragraph that the Jarida report seemed “far-fetched” — a point that all the other reports didn’t divulge:

The report, which admittedly appears somewhat far-fetched, has not been confirmed by any other news outlets and does not name any of its sources. It adds that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has learned of Obama’s aspirations and that he is opposing them, supposedly telling people he spoke to: “Is it not enough that we have had to live through eight years of Obama’s rule, in which he ignored Israel? Now he wants to be in a position to cause us difficulty in the international arenas?”

So, rumors about Obama’s bid to become UN secretary-general that resurfaced in February 2018 are based on one “far-fetched” account from October 2016. And it should be noted that the website responsible for the rumor resurfacing, Your News Wire, states that it makes no claims about the “suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness and accuracy” of its content. In other words, it’s not a trusted source of news.
And after the rumor resurfaced, a May 2014 editorial published by Investors Business Daily resurfaced. The editorial, which originally appeared under the headline “Obama’s Bid for UN Secretary-General Has Begun,” was circulated on social media as “breaking news.” However, the editorial is based on a 2014 speech that Obama gave at West Point. And the editorial didn’t report that Obama was trying to become UN secretary-general. Rather it argued that his address “sounded much like the launch of a campaign for still-higher office: presiding over the hopelessly corrupt, tyrant-dominated United Nations.”

A 2014 editorial published by Investors Business Daily has been inaccurately presented as “breaking news” that Barack Obama is seeking to become UN secretary-general.

Given all that, we’re calling claims that Barack Obama is trying to become UN secretary-general “fiction.” There’s been no indication that this is true.