Bill and Hillary Clinton's House Fire Destroys Hard Drives, Servers-Fiction!

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s House Fire Destroys Hard Drives, Servers-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

A fire at Bill and Hillary Clinton’s mansion in Chappaqua, New York, destroyed a room full of hard drivers and servers sought by the FBI. 
The Truth:
Untrustworthy websites are behind false rumors that fire destroyed hard drives, servers and other incriminating evidence at the Clintons’ home.
Your News Wire, a website known for publishing Clinton conspiracy theories and fabricated reports, reported that the fire came just as investigation into the (debunked) Pizza Gate child sex trafficking ring was beginning to heat up.
The website published a story under the headline, “Fire Dept: Room Full of Servers, Hard Drives Destroyed in Clinton House Fire.” The story, which had been shared nearly 100,000 times within days, reports that a firefighter reported that the fire was suspicious after responding:

“I saw smashed up hard drives, melted memory cards and the charred remains of paper scattered all over the room and immediately knew the fire must have started there,” a Chappaqua Fire Department source told local news reporters, explaining that the house fire was “put out by Secret Service agents” before the Fire Department arrived.

The report goes on to claim that the fire followed President Donald Trump’s announcement that he was “going after high profile child traffickers” was directly related to the blaze. However, there’s no record of Trump ever saying that, and the story cites only an unnamed White House source.

Social media users react to a false report a Clinton house fire destroyed evidence.

That account of the Clinton house fire also doesn’t align with more credible reports. The fire reportedly broke out in the ceiling of a Secret Service facility on the Clintons’ property — not in the main house where the Clintons live. There were no credible reports of destroyed hard drives or servers.
Your News Wire is a common peddler of fabricated news stories. It frequently targets the Clintons and other Democratic leaders. And the website carries a sweeping disclaimer that it makes no “representations about the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness and accuracy” of its content.
Considering all that, we’re calling rumors that the Clinton’s house fire destroyed hard drives, servers and other incriminating evidence “fiction.”