An email claiming that a Muslim Invasion has taken over the United Kingdom makes claims that are true and false, but it's overall point is mostly fiction.

False rumors that Bernie Sanders introduced a bill requiring Christians holding public office to wear scarlet crosses are based on a satirical article.

Authentic prayer requests for Dakota Miller, a 13-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself in the head, were circulating social media in May 2017.

Satirical reports that an African pastor was eaten by a crocodile while trying to walk on water like Jesus have been mistaken for factual news.

A photo of a man who was severely beaten in Egypt in 2013 has been misidentified as an American Muslim man who was beaten for raping a 13-year-old.

German Chancellor Agnela Merkel appeared in Saudi Arabia without a traditional burqa, but Saudi state TV didn't censor her hair.

A Christian news satire site is behind false reports that Joel Osteen jumped from a stage to prevent a man from opening a bible.

We're unable to verify prayer requests for a boy named Dakota who was supposedly airlifted to a hospital in Dallas after suffering continuous seizures.

A 2011 prayer request for 41-year-old Greg Comers, who had been battling cancer for nearly seven years at the time, resurfaced in 2017.

Muslim students in Maryland, Michigan and Arizona are allowed to pray in public school — but the same is true for Christians and students practicing other religions