Elevation Church in North Carolina has added a baptismal water slide.

Vatican No Longer Believes Jesus is Coming Back-Fiction! Summary of eRumor:Reports that the Vatican has announced that the second coming of Jesus may not happen...

Pape Francis has endorsed Donald Trump.

The creator of Pokémon Go has said the game is anti-Christian and was originally created for Satanists.

Muslim teenagers refused the Swiss tradition of teachers shaking hands with students.

The Muslim community donated $87,000 to the family of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen.

A video of shows radical Muslims marching in Dearborn with paintings of Jesus' decapitated head.

Denny’s Waitress Assaulted by Muslim Men for Serving Bacon-Fiction! Summary of eRumor:A report that two Muslim men assaulted a Denny’s waitress because she served pork...

British Waterpark Bans Bikinis to Appease Muslims-Fiction! Summary of eRumor:WaterWold, a waterpark located in England, has banned bikinis and now requires that park goers wear...

Pat Robertson has been falsely quoted as saying that terrorist attack on Pulse Orlando was God's way of punishing America for the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling.