Rumors are flying that Target has stopped selling the Holy Bible because the store doesn't want to cater to "religious extremists."

A flood that destroyed a Noah's Ark theme park has been deemed an act of God, according to reports.

A viral email makes claims about mosques in Florida and say there have been 118 new mosques built there in recent years.

It's been reported that Germany has banned pork, but politicians there are actually trying to do the opposite.

Is Donald Trump an atheist?

Carolyn Walker-Diallo was sworn in as the first female Muslim judge in the U.S. using a Quran.

It's been rumored that Donald Trump bashed Jesus by saying that he would save America without "a silly cross."

A 17-year-old Christian boy supposedly stood his ground after a Muslim cashier said she was offended by his cross necklace at a sporting goods store in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Legend has it that the candy cane's origin story is steeped in Christian symbolism.

It's been reported that Burger King is ditching pork and other non-halal menu items in accordance with Islamic Sharia Law.