There's no such thing as the Pacific Northwest tree octopus, but it has become a helpful tool to gauge students' internet literacy over the years.

A doctored photo of a wolf spider has been misidentified as a Florida cane spider, a Hawaiian cane spider in 2015, and as a Angolan witch spider in 2013.

The Supreme Court of Canada overturned an animal sex conviction because a poorly-written law; claims the country legalized animal sex are misleading.

An old false report about Charles Manson's parole resurfaced in 2017, but the convicted murderer isn't due for another parole hearing until 2027.

Warnings About Tick-Transmitted Powassan Virus-Truth!  Summary of eRumor: Warnings about Powassan Virus, a virus transmitted by ticks that can be deadly or cause permanent neurological symptoms,...

Photos of a monster frog that supposedly weighed 13 pounds are real — but the frog's official weight is unconfirmed.

Warnings about exploding tennis balls are real, but they didn't appear to be tied to a specific threat or trend when they resurfaced in May 2017.

Satirical reports that an African pastor was eaten by a crocodile while trying to walk on water like Jesus have been mistaken for factual news.

Photos appear to show Jimmy John Liautuad, owner of Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches, posing next to hunted elephants and a leopard, but the photos have never been verified.

A satirical article about a woman being arrested for training squirrels to attacking her ex-boyfriend has been mistaken for a factual report.