A photo that supposedly shows a 41-lb. rat captured in NYC has gone viral on social media.

A warning about Japanese beetles embedded in a dog's mouth have gone viral.

A photo shows a monstrous 430-pound deer in Hartford, Michigan, that was shot by a hunter.

The world’s biggest Anaconda snake was captured in Africa after it ate people and humans whole.

An ex-Marine turned “poacher hunter” has vowed to hunt down the poachers who killed Cecil the Lion in Africa.

Sylvester Stallone sold his dog as a broke aspiring actor and later bought the dog back for $15,000.

A photo of a “giant” Hawaiian cane spider climbing the side of a house has gone viral.

Reports have gone viral that a 200 million-year-old dinosaur egg hatched a museum in Berlin.

Photos of a dog’s badly burned paws with warnings about the dangers of walking dogs on hot asphalt have circulated social media sites.

Social media posts warn dog owners not to give their dogs Canine Carry Outs brand dog treats because an anti-freeze called propylene glycol is listed in its ingredients and will poison their pet.