It's been reported that a pit bull responded to a Florida man's sexual advances by ripping off his genitals.

There have reports on social media that 52 purebred horses in Ohio need homes or they will be sent to a slaughter house.

A photo of a wolf pack walking in a single file line offers insight into wolf behavior and how the pack cares for its weaker members, according to the photo's caption.

It's been reported that a Saudi prince plans to execute a famous racehorse for being homosexual.

A photo that supposedly shows a 41-lb. rat captured in NYC has gone viral on social media.

A warning about Japanese beetles embedded in a dog's mouth have gone viral.

A photo shows a monstrous 430-pound deer in Hartford, Michigan, that was shot by a hunter.

The world’s biggest Anaconda snake was captured in Africa after it ate people and humans whole.

An ex-Marine turned “poacher hunter” has vowed to hunt down the poachers who killed Cecil the Lion in Africa.

Sylvester Stallone sold his dog as a broke aspiring actor and later bought the dog back for $15,000.