It's been rumored that a 3,000 pound great white shark was caught in Lake Michigan.

President Obama hasn't replaced the bald eagle with the buffalo as America's national symbol.

Social media posts and videos show so-called "veal crates" where calves are held to get them ready for slaughter.

Unverified claims that BHA in Milk-Bone and other dog treats causes cancer have been circulating for years.

Opossums help stop the spread of Lyme disease because they're good at killing ticks.

It's been rumored that Nylabone dog chews are toxic and cause seizures.

A video that appears to show high diving giraffes has sparked questions.

It's been reported that a pit bull responded to a Florida man's sexual advances by ripping off his genitals.

There have reports on social media that 52 purebred horses in Ohio need homes or they will be sent to a slaughter house.

A photo of a wolf pack walking in a single file line offers insight into wolf behavior and how the pack cares for its weaker members, according to the photo's caption.