Guy the Beagle Rode in Queen Elizabeth's Car for the Royal Wedding-

Guy the Beagle Rode in Queen Elizabeth’s Car for the Royal Wedding-Mostly Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

Meghan Markle’s rescue dog, Guy the beagle, rode in a car with Queen Elizabeth during Royal Wedding festivities just years after he was nearly put down at a shelter.

The Truth:

Guy the beagle became an international sensation in the days following the Royal Wedding. Meghan Markle adopted the dog just days before he was scheduled to be put down at a shelter in Ontario. And, three short years later, a picture of Guy riding in a car with Queen Elizabeth made for a modern “rags to riches” fairytale.
Details of Guy the beagle’s improbably journey went viral on social media following the Royal Wedding. And most of these accounts are verifiable and true. But a photo of Guy riding with Queen Elizabeth was misidentified initially. It was said that the two were on their way to the Royal Wedding. In reality, the photo was taken the day before the Royal Wedding. But it does show Guy and Queen Elizabeth riding in the same car:

Guy the beagle was photographed riding in a car with Queen Elizabeth the day before the Royal Wedding.

Guy the beagle is from Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. A good samaritan found him abandoned in some woods there and turned him into the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. An Ontario-based organization called Dog’s Dream Rescue often works with Kentucky shelters and organized Markle’s adoption of Guy in 2015:
Guy the beagle was rescued from the woods of Kentucky and has since bonded with Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth has long been known as a dog lover. She was regularly photographed with her dogs, Pembroke Welsh corgis. And her last corgi reportedly died in the weeks leading up to the wedding, setting the stage for her improbable friendship with Guy the beagle. Celebrity gossip site Lainey Gossip was the first to catch that Guy the beagle was riding in a car with Queen Elizabeth the day before the Royal Wedding.
Given all that, we’re calling claims about Guy the beagle riding with Queen Elizabeth “mostly true.”