James Woods said, “The world is fighting Islamic terrorism, starvation, and disease, but Democrats are fighting for men to pee in the ladies’ room. #insanity”

Orange County Choppers founder Paul Teutal, Sr., has not died despite relentless claims to the contrary.

Rumors that music icon Prince died from a drug overdose, AIDS or the flu have gone viral.

It's been reported that Merle Haggard left his estate to a California-based LGBT groups.

It's been reported that Jim Morrison has been found alive and living in a retirement community in Paris.

James Hetflied has left Metallica to pursue a career in country music.

Has the media overlook an act of kindness in which Donald Trump's Tower Air flew stranded soldiers home from the Gulf War for free?

Nike Wouldn’t Let Steph Curry Put Bible Passage on Shoes-Fiction! Summary of eRumor: Nike wouldn’t let Steph Curry put his favorite Bible verse, Philippians 4:13, on...

The daughter of Marilyn Monroe and JFK has supposedly come forward.

Cam Newton was arrested for fixing Super Bowl 50, according to reports.