Justin Bieber didn't tell a Bible study class that the music industry is run by pedophiles, a website that fabricates reports is behind the rumor.

A fake news website is behind false claims that Kirk Cameron has a rare form of leprosy that turns people into walking piles of dead skin and rotting flesh.

False claims that Chip and Joanna Gaines are divorcing appear to stem from a misleading headline that doesn't match its corresponding story.

Kid Rock isn't dead, a website that publishes spoof articles for users to prank their friends with is behind those false rumors.

Johnny Depp wasn't arrested for conspiracy to assassinate the president under the Patriot Act — but the actor did make controversial remarks.

False rumors that Clint Eastwood died in June 2017 were started by a clickbait report published by a website based in Singapore.

False rumors about WWE wrester Big Show being shot and killed in the ring started out as satire and as later mistaken for actual news.

The Golden State Warriors hadn't made a decision about visiting the White House when reports that they would snub President Trump went viral.

The Secret Service is investigating Kathy Griffin for posing with a replica of President Trump's decapitated head during a photoshoot.

Charlie Daniels wrote an open letter to Senate Minority Chuck Schumer, blasting Schumer for leading Democrats' resistance to President Trump's agenda.