Cam Newton was arrested for fixing Super Bowl 50, according to reports.

Tom Hanks father wasn't a member of The Diamonds, contrary to Internet rumors.

Has Donald Trump or Donald Trump's father been tied to the KKK?

Has Metallica sued an 8th grader for drawing the bands logo on a notebook?

Has Michael Jordan lowered the price of Air Jordan shoes to $19.99?

It's been rumored that Miss Colombia has sued Steve Harvey for a gaff at the Miss Universe pageant in which he temporarily crowned her Miss Universe.

Is "monkey wrench" a derogatory reference to Jack Johnson, the tool's inventor?

It's been rumored that Cam Newton is fined every time he gives a football to a child and has paid $253,552 in fines to date.

Critics argue that Mark Zuckerberg isn't really "giving away" 99% of his Facebook stock (about $45 billion), as he announced in December 2015.

Many people have received what appear to be a Walmart check and an invitation to participate in a quality control or mystery shopper program as a part-time employee.