Willie Nelson Falls Ill, Son Eddie Nelson Requests Prayers-Fiction!

Willie Nelson Falls Ill, Son Eddie Nelson Requests Prayers-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

Eddie Nelson has called for prayers for his father, Willie Nelson, after the country music legend fell ill.

The Truth:

The Facebook group Native American Proud started the rumor. A video claiming that Eddie Nelson called for prayers after his father fell seriously ill spread in May 2018. The video quickly racked up nearly 15 million views. However, Willie Nelson doesn’t have a son named Eddie. He has three sons: Lucas, Jacob (Micah) and the late Billy. There are no credible reports that Willie Nelson is seriously ill.
Willie Nelson had suffered a number of health scares in recent years, however. He canceled a concert in San Diego in January 2018 after experiencing breathing problems during the first song. The country music legend’s publicist indicated later that the illness wasn’t serious. Elaine Schock described it as a “a bad cold or the flu” and said he’d went back home to Texas to rest. Willie Nelson also canceled a number of performances after falling ill in November 2017. Again, that led to reports that he was seriously ill. Again, Schock said “he’s perfectly fine.” False reports hat Willie Nelson was in failing health played off those recent, legitimate reports. However, Willie Nelson was not in failing health in May 2018.