Facebook Hoax: Tyler Perry Is Giving Away $750,000-Fiction!

Facebook Hoax: Tyler Perry Is Giving Away $750,000-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

Facebook posts claim that Tyler Perry is giving away $750,000, or a free SUV.

The Truth:

False claims that Tyler Perry is giving away $750,000 that circulated in June 2018 are nothing more than the latest scam involving the famous director and actor.
A post promising $750,000 from Tyler Perry began circulating in early June. A Facebook user who attempted to redeem the offer had little luck. He was transferred to a call center in India and prompted to pay $500 in shipping and handling for the check to be sent via FedEx. The man (correctly) concluded that this is a scam.
This is similar to previous scams involving Tyler Perry. One claimed that Tyler Perry and Oprah were giving away 4,000 Walmart gift cards. Another claimed that Tyler Perry was giving away an SUV. And there’s no truth to any of them.
Most often, these are like-farming scams. Scammers create posts promising free products or money in exchange for liking and sharing the post. Then, once those fake offers drive up the visibility of the Facebook page the post originate from, it can be sold to a third party at an inflated price.
As a general rule, never provide personal information via Facebook. Also, make sure all offers come from verified Facebook pages. And the old saying that anything that’s too good to be true probably is usually rings true.