President Trump Removes Muslim Judge for Allowing Sharia Law-Fiction!

President Trump Removes Muslim Judge for Allowing Sharia Law in U.S.-Fiction! 

Summary of eRumor:
A report claims that Federal Appeals Court Judge Mahal al Alalallaha-Smith implemented sharia law in the United States by ruling that two related articles were legal, and a follow-up report claims that President Donald Trump removed Judge Mahal al Alalallaha-Smith for supposedly allowing sharia law in the U.S.
The Truth:
Reports that Muslim Judge Mahal al Alalallaha-Smith allowed sharia law in the United States, and that President Donald Trump removed him for doing so, started with a self-described fake news website.
The story first appeared at As American As Apple Pie under the headline, “Muslim Federal Judge Rules Two Items Of Sharia Law Legal” on July 24, 2017. The story, which was quickly shared more than 54,000 times on social media, reports that Alallaha-Smith of the 22nd District Federal Court of Appeals ruled that “critical issues for Muslims” in sharia law had to be abided by in federal court because of the 14th Amendment protections of Muslim citizens:

Alallaha-Smith noted that the 14th Amendment doesn’t necessarily exclude foreign influence from being allowed by law, citing the Christmas Holiday as a perfect example:

“Christmas is a Christian holiday exclusively, yet if you’re a Muslim and you want to go about your day without being bothered you can’t because the laws of a city in a city in Rome take precedent over the 1st Amendment, which guarantees no state sponsored religion. A federal Chrsitmas holiday is just that.

With that as precedent, understanding that a higher court may reverse it, my decision is that items one and two on the docket are allowable between family members as prescribed by Sharia Law.”

Then, on July 27, 2017, the website published a follow-up report that President Trump had removed Judge Mahal al Alalallaha-Smith from the bench because of his decision in the sharia law case. That version, which appeared under the headline “Trump Removes Muslim Federal Judge For Allowing Sharia In America,” was shared more than 5,000 times within hours of being posted:

President Trump used an old precedent and an executive order to remove al Allalawaralahali-Smith from the bench, citing gross negligence of his duties and wanton disregard for the United States Constitution. The Muslim can ask for a Congressional hearing if he so desires, but that will likely get him nowhere since he is the first and only person ever to allow the religious doctrine from another culture rule the country.

Our first clue that these stories didn’t check out was the author’s misunderstanding of the appellate court system. There is no “22nd District Federal Court of Appeals,” as the story claims. Rather, the 94 federal judicial districts are divided into 13 appellate courts and 12 regional circuits. It doesn’t make sense to identify an appellate court or an appellate court judge by district.
The second giveaway is that a photo of a judge that accompanies the story doesn’t show Judge Mahal al Alalallaha-Smith. It shows Los Angeles County Superior Court Halim Dhanidina. It was taken from a CNN broadcast about what it’s like to be a Muslim judge in “Donald Trump’s America.”

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Halim Dhanidina was misidentified as Judge Mahal al Alalallaha-Smith in this photo.

Finally, As American As Apple Pie doesn’t outright state that it’s a fake news website in its disclaimer, but it’s not a stretch to assume that by reading between the lines:

When no one can trust the lying fake news liberal media anymore because they hate us and guns and Harley Davidson and meat and OUR president, As American as Apple Pie is here to be your beacon of something you can kinda rely on sometimes, but not really because only God can control our fate in this crazy, twisted world.  God Bless America and Amen.

Given all that, we’re calling claims that Trump removed a Muslim judge for allowing sharia law in the United States yet another hoax that plays off public fears about sharia law.