Abduction Warnings and Tips-Unproven! & Fiction!

Safety Tips For Women Regarding Abduction-Unproven & Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

A list of things to do and not do to either avoid being abducted or how to respond if abducted.

The Truth:

We’re asking self-defense experts to review this list but it seems unwise to us.

One of the items in the email is not true.  It warns that police are getting reports of the sounds of crying babies being used to lure unsuspecting women out of their homes.  That is an eRumor that is false and we have not learned of any documented cases of it happening.

This email has all the earmarks of having been assembled by a well meaning but uninformed person and TruthOrFiction.com does not recommend adopting some of the more dangerous recommendations such as crashing your car to escape an abductor or simply running from a gunman and hoping he will not hit a running target.

Updated 2/6/08