Addie Fausett’s Christmas Wish – Truth!

Addie Fausett’s Christmas Wish – Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

A 6-year-old girl named Addie Fausett who is suffering from a terminal brain disorder has asked people to send her a “lifetime of Christmas cards.”

The Truth:

This eRumor tells the true story of 6-year-old Addie Lynn Fausett.

Addie suffers from an unknown disorder that affects her motor skills, muscle control, memory and speech. According to Children and the Earth, a non-profit group that has helped organize the Christmas card drive:

“The family has been told that we will lose Addie, age 6, mentally before physically. She will forget them and the things she knows. Every morning they pray that she hasn’t forgotten them in her sleep. This will be Addie’s last Christmas. We are asking everyone to send a Christmas card to Addie. She has two sisters, 7-year-old Audree and 10-year-old Shayley. Please share this post with the world! Let’s send Addie a lifetime of Christmas cards, enough to cover every wall in her house. Let your children draw pictures. Ask their class and church — firemen, police, everyone!”

By early December of 2014, Addie was receiving as many as 3,000 Christmas cards a day from around the world. Well-wishers from as far away as Germany, Australia and Saudi Arabia sent Addie cards, the Associated Press reports:

“One judge sent a signed and stamped court order for Addie to have a Merry Christmas. One little boy sent a hand-written note telling Addie he was her boyfriend.”

Maree Jensen, Addie’s grandmother, mobilized the campaign on her personal Facebook page. The effort has also received more than 70,000 “likes” on the  “Little Addie Community” Facebook page.

Here’s the address to mail a card to Addie:

Addie Lynn and Sisters

Box 162

Fountain Green, Utah 84632