Letter written by an Afghani-American after September 11-Truth!

The Letter About Afghanistan from an Afghan WriterTruth!

Summary of eRumor:

An Afghan woman named Tamim Ansary writes from her heart after the terrorist attack on America and the subsequent attention given to Afghanistan.  The ruling government in Afghanistan has allowed the notorious terrorist Osama bin Laden to live and work in the country and there has been talk a possible United States invasion.  Tamim Ansary writes to help Americans understand that there is a difference between the Afghan people and the ruling government.

The Truth:

The article is authentic and Tamim Ansary is a man, not a woman.  He is a writer from San Francisco and this piece he wrote appeared on September 14 on the website www.salon.comCLICK HERE for the original article.  Salon describes him as the son of a former Afghan politician.