Al Gore Was Arrested for Indecent Exposure-Fiction!

Al Gore Was Arrested for Indecent Exposure – Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:  

Former Vice President Al Gore was arrested for indecent exposure outside a nightclub in Miami.

The Truth:


Al Gore was not arrested for indecent exposure.

That rumor began when Empire News, a fake news website, ran a story in January of 2105 with the headline, “Former Vice President Al Gore Arrested for Indecent Exposure.” The story begins:

“Al Gore, the 66-year-old former Vice President of the United States, who served during the Clinton administration from 1993-2001, was arrested last night outside an upscale Miami, Florida nightclub for indecent exposure according to Miami-Dade Police Department spokesperson Eduardo Cruz.”

The false news report goes on to claim that Al Gore kept yelling, “I’m hot! I’m on Fire!” before police arrested him.

The story was quickly shared thousands of times on social media, and it duped countless readers. The disclaimer for Empire News, however, says that website is “intended for entertainment purposes only.”