Ameritech criticized for "opt-out" policy-Truth!

Michigan Attorney General Issues Warning about Ameritech Opt-Out Notice to CustomersTruth!

Summary of eRumor:
The message says that Jennifer Grandholm appeared on the news to say that Ameritech intends to sell your account information unless you let them know by the end of the month that you don’t want them to. It then gives a phone number to call and says that Jennifer Grandholm is upset about the way this is being “covered up” by Ameritech.
The Truth:
Jennifer Granholm [correct spelling] is the Attorney General for the state of  Michigan. She urged residents to pay close attention to a notice that was
being included in phone bills to Ameritech customers in January, 2002. It was an “opt-out” notice that consumers needed to respond to within 30 days if they did not want their account information shared with other companies within the SBC group, of which Ameritech is a part. According to, Granholm felt the notices were not clear and may not have been seen or understood by many customers. She also objects to the the fact that a company can give customers’ information unless the customer tells them not to. Granholm is one of a group of Attorneys General who complained to the Federal Communications Commission about the opt-out notices being sent out by phone companies, saying that they are ineffective.
The notices were sent to customers in other states, not just Michigan.
A spokesperson for Ameritech told the Chicago Tribune (1/21/02) that none of  the information was ever going to be shared outside the SBC, its agents or
The year 2002 has been the “opt-out” year with several industries being  required to give customers the opportunity to decline having their personal information shared or sold to other companies.
Last updated 3/14/02