Anthrax-deaths associated with a particular kind of envelope-Fiction!

A Particular Kind of Envelope Associated with Deaths from anthraxFiction!

Summary of eRumor:
This is an anthrax warning.  The writer says he or she got a call from a good source at the Centers for Disease Control saying that there have been 7 deaths from anthrax coming in the mail, all of them in the same type of envelope.  It has a United States flag on it and a message about “Help the Families.”  The writer says that if you get that envelope, call the CDC.

The Truth:

(11/7/01)  As of this writing, there have not been any cases of anthrax poisoning associated with such an envelope.  Also, if you do have suspicion of anthrax being present, don’t call the CDC first.  Call 911 and notify your local authorities.