AOL and Intel-get cash for forwarding an email about a merger-Fiction!

AOL and Intel Discussing a Merger and if You Forward an Email About it, They’ll Send Money-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
AOL and Intel are merging and to keep the value of their merger high, they are conducting an email test.  It’s to keep the email usage of AOL at a peak level. If you forward the email to your friends, Intel will track your forwarded emails for a period of two weeks (If you use Microsoft Windows) and will send you a check for more than $200 for each person who received your email.  Further money will be given if the people you sent it to forward it to others.
The Truth:
This is a hoax.  AOL and Intel deny that they are participating in any such promotion.  Additionally, there is no practical way for anybody like Intel to track and account for the emails you forward to other people.