Tree in cemetery looks like popular images of Jesus-Truth!

A Tree in an Illinois Cemetery Seems to Have an Image of Jesus Growing On the Trunk-Truth! 

Summary of eRumor:  
This is an email that is short and simple, but with a link to a picture that is attracting attention…a tree in a cemetery in Illinois that seems to have an image of Jesus holding a lamb growing out of the trunk.

The Truth:

Like seeing shapes in the clouds, this phenomenon depends on who is looking at it, but the tree does exist and large numbers of people say they have seen the image.  

The website with the picture has now been taken down, but the tree is in Calvary Cemetery in Quincy, Illinois, and has become a local tourist attraction. has had contact with both the cemetery and the photographer who took the pictures that are being circulated on the Internet. 

The photographer says his pictures are un-doctored.  Most people report that they see an image of Christ standing and holding a lamb. 

The image was first spotted in 1998, but officials at the cemetery were concerned about any disruption that might occur and kept it quiet for several months.  Once the word got out, however, people started coming by the hundreds and some even vandalized the tree.  It is now protected by a fence and a cemetery spokesperson says there are still daily visitors who want to see the tree.  

We’ve received several emails from folks asking, “How do people know it’s an image of Christ since we don’t know what Christ looked like?”  Good point.  It is more accurate to say that people are seeing what our culture has regarded as images of Christ.

Updated 4/9/08