Applebees restaurants gift certificates for forwarding an email for them-Fiction!

Gift Certificate from Applebees Restaurants for Forwarding an Email to Your Friends-Fiction! 
Summary of the eRumor:
This message claims to come from the founder of Applebees’ restaurants.  It says that they want to get the word out to people in rural areas and if you’ll forward the email to 9 other people, you’ll get a confirmation number for a $50 gift certificate from them.
The Truth:
According to a spokesperson at Applebees International, as well as the Applebees website at, this is a hoax and they company has nothing to do with it.
It has circulated on the Internet since the late nineties and, like Haley’s comet, seems to come back on a regular basis.
It is similar to eRumor hoaxes offering gift certificates to Cracker Barrel and Outback restaurants.
Last updated 9/14/01