Pray for burn victim Baby Delaney in Texas-Truth!

Pray For Baby Delaney in Texas, a Burn Victim-Truth! 

Summary of eRumor:
Eight-month-old Baby Delaney from Florence, Texas, has been severely burned from tipping a deep fryer on herself.  She has burns over 40 percent of her body and is facing amputation of three of her fingers.  There is fear that she may not live.
The Truth:
Baby Delaney’s last name is Parrish and she is real.  In May, 2001, she suffered  severe burns.  She is still receiving treatment, but is progressing.  She did lose one finger and the tip of another and had skin grafts in several places on her body.  On June 2, 2001, she was released from Parkland hospital and is now home.  Her parents, Deana and Deven, appreciate everybody’s love and prayers.
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Last updated 6/21/01