Fake Xanax killed nine people in Florida in March 2016 and the story was re-reported as breaking news in March 2017.

Reports of a new form of HPV that can be transmitted by kissing and is more deadly than AIDS are false.

There's never been any definitive proof that cooking with aluminum pots and pans causes Alzheimer's disease, or that aluminum foil causes Alzheimer's.

Summary of eRumor:An undercover Planned Parenthood video claims that the group sells fetal body parts from partial birth abortions for profit.The Truth:An undercover Planned...

Puerto Ricans who don’t speak English receive disability benefits.

The Amish have found a natural way to cure hearing loss.

The Veterans Administration (VA) ordered that Christian symbols and statutes in a chapel at the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center in Iron Mountain, Michigan, be covered when the chapel was not being used for Christian services.

Kerosene can be used to cure cancer and other blood diseases.

This email says that there has been a case in Taiwan of a person eating shrimp shortly after taking vitamin-C and then dying. The message claims that the combination somehow causes arsenic poisoning.

Traveler Wakes Up in a Bathtub...