George Carlin or Ted Nugent's article on "A Bad American"-Fiction!

George Carlin or Ted Nugent’s article on “A Bad American”-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

This is a widely-circulated piece of social and political commentary, said to have been written by comedian George Carlin.  Other versions say it has been written by musician Ted Nugent.  (The full text is below) 

The Truth: has found this attributed to several different writers and performers including Ted Nugent and Rush Limbaugh.

George Carlin has issued a public denial that he wrote it.

Ted Nugent has issued a public denial that he wrote it.

A person writing under the screen name Bootyist claims authorship of the piece, which was posted in a forum at  His original post was 9/01/2000.  CLICK HERE to see it.

Bootyist says he writes for a living and that it’s ironic that the thing he’s written that has gotten the most circulation is under his username and credited to George Carlin.

Updated 7/20/07