Airline passengers who gave up their seats for U.S. Soldiers-Truth!

The Airline Passengers Who Gave up Their Seats in Baltimore for Returning U.S. Soldiers from Iraq-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
A touching story about a hectic travel day at Baltimore airport when already stressed passengers gave up their seats to U.S. soldiers who were home for a 14-day leave from Iraq.
The Truth:
The writer of this story, Will Ross, is real and is an administrative judge for the Department of Defense in Los Angeles.
He was easy to track down and confirmed the story.
These soldiers were part of the first large home-leave program since the Vietnam war.
Soldiers who are on one-year combat tours were being given 15-day leaves.
They were being brought to Baltimore on flights chartered by the military then connecting with flights to their various homes.
More than $100,000 in upgrades were made to the USO lounge at the Baltimore airport to increase security for the returning troops.
Last updated 11/15/03