Betty White ‘Donald Trump’ Veterans Day Tweet

On November 11 2021, a screenshot of a tweet attributed to Betty White spread virally, in which she purportedly stated her opinions on former United States President Donald Trump and the late senator John McCain:

In the November 11 2021 tweet embedded above, @FaithRubPol said “Betty White’s Veteran’s Day post is [fire emoji.]” In the screenshot, White purportedly said:

Fact Check

Claim: On November 11 2021 Betty White tweeted "Donald Trump isn’t worthy to wash John McCain’s jockstrap."

Description: On November 11, 2021, a screenshot went viral claiming that Betty White tweeted about Donald Trump and John McCain. The tweet said, ‘Donald Trump isn’t worthy to wash John McCain’s jockstrap.’

Rating: Not True

Rating Explanation: The claim gained popularity on Twitter, but the screenshot of the alleged tweet had ‘Satire PM’ where the timestamp should be. Furthermore, the content can’t be found on Betty White’s Twitter page, proving that the tweet was not real.

Donald Trump isn’t worthy to wash John McCain’s jockstrap.

Betty White was on Twitter’s trending list for a mishmash of reasons. attributed her trending to a different satire tweet involving Ted Cruz and Big Bird:

‘Golden Girls’ star and beloved funny girl Betty White just went viral on Twitter thanks to some gullible users. Don’t worry, the Hollywood icon is just fine. In fact, the Betty White trend had nothing to do with her health and instead involves an obviously fake tweet showing America’s sweetheart wading into politics. reported that White, 99, was a topic of discussion ahead of her 100th birthday in January 2022:

BETTY White’s fans called for the Golden Girls star to date Pete Davidson, 27, as a part of her ultimate bucket list ahead of her 100th birthday.

The stir began when the pioneering female comedian’s name started trending on Twitter and fans were worried as Betty approaches celebrating her 100th birthday.

Whenever White’s name appeared among Twitter’s most discussed topics, commenters predictably expressed concern for her health:

As a result of the mysterious buzz around Betty, fans challenged the powerhouse actress to date Pete, the young comedian recently spotted with Kim Kardashian, 41, in an ultimate bucket list before her centennial celebration.

One fan wrote in response to the commotion: “Betty White is trending again and PLEASE STOP THIS, every time her name pops up I get so worried that she’s dating Pete Davidson.”

White’s most recent tweet as of November 12 2021 was from September 30 2021:

A tweet attributed to Betty White concerning Donald Trump and John McCain spread virally, causing some confusion about its veracity. At the place on the screenshot where a timestamp would appear, “Satire PM” appeared in its place. The tweet was not real, and simply leveraged White’s Twitter popularity at the time it circulated.