Joe Biden To Step Down October 5-Unproven!

Joe Biden To Step Down October 5th- Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:

eRumor stating that Joe Biden will make an announcement that owing to health problems that he will step down as the Vice Presidential candidate and name Hillary Clinton as his replacement.

The Truth:

This is a widely circulated eRumor that started in September, 2008, during the presidential campaign.

There is no source cited and there has been nothing to substantiate it.

The email builds upon hopes that Hillary Clinton could still end up on the Democratic ticket and speculation that presidential hopeful Barack Obama regrets not putting Clinton in the vice presidential slot, especially after the appearance of Sarah Palin as the running mate of Republican John McCain.

Although there are no known grounds for the rumor, it has been noted that nothing about it has appeared on Senator Obama’s “Fight the Smears” web site.  That is a portion of his campaign site that was set up to battle Internet rumors that have circulated about Obama, most of which have not been true.

That has led to questions about whether there may be some truth to it.

Biden has surgery in 1998 to repair two brain aneurysms.

updated 09/18/08