Bill Bennett: They'd Kill Trump Before They Let Him Be President -Incorrectly Attributed!

Bill Bennett: They’d Kill Trump Before They Let Him Be President –Incorrectly Attributed!

Summary of eRumor:

Conservative commentator William J. Bennett has an “interesting take on trump” and speculates, “They would kill him before they let him be president.”
The Truth:
Bill Bennett isn’t behind the “Interesting Take on Trump” assassination theory.
An essay titled “Interesting Take on Trump” was first posted in a political forum hosted by the website One Political Plaza on November 14, 2015. The person who posted it said they’d received it via email. From there, the “Interesting Take on Trump” essay was posted on other message boards and quickly went viral.
These posts and chain emails claim that William J. Bennett, the host of Bill Bennett’s Morning in America Show, has speculated that someone — either Democrat or Republican — would conspire to assassinate Donald Trump rather than let him be president.
There’s nothing linking Bill Bennett to the “Interesting Take on Trump” that has been attributed to him. No references to it appear in his radio show archive, or in his blog. Bill Bennett’s name was likely attached to the “Interesting Take on Trump” to lend it credibility, and it’s unclear where it came from.
Also, the “Interesting Take on Trump” essay doesn’t jive with what Bill Bennett has publicly said about Donald Trump and his campaign. The essay makes a strong case for Trump to succeed as president because he’s a political outsider who’s beholden to nobody. Bill Bennett, meanwhile, said in an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity that he’s “not okay” with Trump’s candidacy.

Bill Bennett eventually said that he would vote for Trump if he won the GOP nominee only because he couldn’t vote for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but that’s not a very glowing endorsement.
The “Interesting Take on Trump” essay that was incorrectly attributed to Bennett theorizes that Trump poses a huge threat to the political establishment because he can self-fund his presidential campaign, which makes him beholden to nobody.
In reality, “unsolicited donations” accounted for $4 million of Trump’s campaign budget, and he had “self funded” $2 million of his budget through mid-November. The Sunlight Foundation reports that Trump has put more of his own money into the campaign than any other candidate has, but the idea that Trump is completely self-funded is misleading.
So, it’s not true that “Interesting Take on Trump” came from Bill Bennett. Also, the central idea of that theory — that the Trump campaign doesn’t rely on outside funding — is misleading.