George Bush's horse-thief ancestor-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
This email claims that Laura Bush, the wife of President George W. Bush, is into genealogy and discovered a great-great uncle in the Bush family who was hanged for stealing horses. When the president’s image-makers were finished with the story, however, they had made the history of the great-great uncle sound like one about a terrific citizen and send it to the Associated Press.
The Truth:
This is not true just like it was not true about Al Gore or Hillary Rodham Clinton. The essence of this story is from an old piece of humorous writing that was designed to demonstrate how you can put “spin” on a negative story to make it sound positive. Someone altered the story to make it seem as though it was talking about an ancestor of Al Gore. Then another version got started saying it was about an ancestor of Bill Clinton. Now this version is making the rounds saying it is about George W. Bush. It also adds a new feature. The alleged relative’s name is “Chad” and is called the first “hanging chad,” a reference to the controversy over ballots in Florida from the 2000 presidential election.