Middle Easterners celebrate the attack on America in a convenience store-Fiction!

Budweiser Pulled all Its Product from the Shelves of a Convenience Store Where There was Celebration of the Terrorist AttacksFiction!



Summary of eRumor:
A Budweiser driver delivering beer to a convenience store in McFarland, California, walked in to find Arabs in the store celebrating the terrorist attacks on America.  The driver called his boss and was told to remove all the Budweiser products from the store and to tell them they’d never be delivered Bud products again.  Another version says Pepsi joined to boycott the store as well.

The Truth:

There have been numerous attempts to validate this story, but with no success.  A spokesperson for Budweiser says the company has investigated it and not found any evidence that it is true. has received isolated reports of similar incidents from other parts of the country, but they seem to be localized versions of the same eRumor.

In October, 2007, a new version of this eRumor began circulating that added Pepsi Cola to the story.  It claimed that the Budweiser driver lived next door to a Pepsi driver and that through that contact Pepsi decided to pull its products from the store as well–and that the store closed as a result.  None of it is true.

Last updated 10/11/07