Carrie Prejean Encinitas School Board Video

On August 30 2021, video of a woman later identified as Carrie Prejean Boller spread virally on Twitter; the clip depicted Prejean Boller “speaking out” against masks at a school board meeting in the southern California city of Encinitas on August 22 2021:

Prejean Boller was briefly notable as a “scandalized beauty queen” in 2009 before largely fading from public view. In August 2020, she wrote an editorial praising Donald Trump — who fired her as Miss California in 2009 — for a local news source in North Carolina.

Although the initial tweet simply described Prejean Boller as a “woman wearing a ‘MAMA’ shirt,” a subsequent tweet from the original poster, Ron Filipkowski, provided additional background and an identification:

In a piece about the August 22 2021 video, Prejean Boller was quoted as saying:

“No one’s gonna mess with our cubs. I’m a resident of Encinitas, born and raised San Diegan, and tonight I’m simply here to tell you to unmask our children, we’re done begging.”

“In fact, we’re done asking for permission. We are going to be unmasking our children today. The pandemic is over, the parents are done. We’re done asking you, public servants, for permission. We are done, you can all wear your masks in fact you can wear two masks and three masks, you can wear gloves you can have plexiglass. You can do whatever you need to do to keep you safe, but we the parents believe we have a choice for our children, and I don’t know who you think you are, that you think that you have more of a say than us the parents and our doctors. I don’t know who any of you think you are. I really don’t. It ends today, we are declaring our freedom, tonight. We do not consent to the lies, fear-mongering, and abuse – you all know it’s abuse,” she claimed, apparently referring to mask mandates.

As Filipkowski’s tweet circulated, commenters local to the meeting questioned whether Prejean Boller lived in Encinitas:

“I live in Encinitas and am appalled not only by her but by the depressing number of others like her who live here. COVID has brought these entitled folks out to fight for their personal freedoms. But I have not heard of her, does she really live here?

“This was NOT an Encinitas school district parent. She doesn’t even live in the state.

As it turned out, Carrie Prejean Boller had “spoken out” about masks before, not coincidentally at yet another school board meeting. In May 2021, North Carolina’s WCNC published “Parents push to end mask mandate for students at Iredell-Statesville Schools,” reporting that Prejean Boller was an outraged, anti-mask parent from North Carolina:

STATESVILLE, N.C. — It was a packed house with plenty of passion at Monday [May 10 2021]’s Iredell-Statesville School board meeting as the heated debated unfolded about whether students should be required to wear masks at all times in school.


Carrie Prejean-Boller is a concerned mom who says as a parent, it should be her choice to decide if her children should or should not wear a mask in school.

“We were all nervous about the pandemic early on, but we are not scared of it anymore,” Prejean-Boller said. “It’s time for the end of it.”

That article was published in May 2021, and it was possible Prejean Boller had either subsequently moved or that she maintained two residences. Commenters additionally pointed out that she said on Instagram that she voted in North Carolina (not California) in November 2020.

Prejean Boller shared a post to Instagram geotagged in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 21 2021 (one day before her passionate speech in California):

One day later, Prejean Boller was clear across the country, speaking at a school board meeting in Encinitas on August 22 2021:

Ultimately, Prejean Boller’s real school district was difficult to discern. In May 2021 she was “speaking out” in North Carolina at a school board meeting, and socializing in that state in August 2021; that same month, she presented herself as an “angry parent” at the Encinitas school board meeting.

A Wikipedia entry about her included a brief, hastily-added mention of the controversy:

Political Activity

In late August, 2021, Prejean spoke at an Encinitas, CA school board meeting, spouting anti-mask and anti-vaccine rhetoric, and declaring that the COVID-19 pandemic was “over.” She stated that her “cubs” (children) would not be wearing masks at school. It is not known if Prejean’s children actually attend school in the district.

Although her state of residence was unclear, her prominent presence at East Coast and West Coast school board meetings alluded to a slightly different matter — the widespread infiltration of school boards across states, coordinated to push through partisan agendas:

In a portion of the video, she herself was quoted as mentioning efforts to politicize school boards, and affirmed her intent to participate in those efforts:

I would love to run for school board to replace all of you. So I’m going to promise you tonight that I will campaign against you, I will I will fundraise against you, and I will make sure that none of you ever serve in a public space ever again.

A woman in a “MAMA” shirt in a viral video from an Encinitas school board meeting was correctly identified as Carrie Prejean Boller, a person briefly famous for participating in beauty pageants. In May 2021, Prejean Boller was identified in a news article as a parent of children in school in North Carolina. Prejean Boller was in North Carolina on August 21 2021, but managed to emerge at an August 22 2021 school board meeting in Encinitas. Her district of residence was unknown.

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